Liverpool Dreams

7. Good Day Sunshine

    Painting loneliness,
    sealing it in jars;
    torn out heart tonsils
    rattle in water:
    drowning tongue of passions.

    Slapping together maps,
    scribbling images of childhood streets;
    Turning wheels
    to spin out rainbows
    in spokes of the bicycle of Time.

    Plucking glass strawberries,
    sniffing crystal possibilities
    of Anything is real:
    Swallowing dream tablets.

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1. Liverpool Days

2. Come Together

3. Stepping Out

4. Rock and Roll Music

5. A Hard Days Night


7. Good Day Sunshine

8. Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band

9. Hey Jude

10. Long and Winding Road

11. Let it be

12. Tomorrow Never Knows

13. Wing Commander

14. Dark Horse

15. Acting Naturally

16. Imagine

17. Starting Over

18. Believing in Yesterday


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